Comprehensive Residential Cleaning
& Housekeeping Services

Get your living space cleaned and maintained pronto with Carolyn Derington of May I Help You? Based in Kingsland, Texas, she provides across-the-board residential cleaning and housekeeping services.

Cleaning - Housekeeping Services

Home Management

Let Carolyn look after your second or vacation home, whether you're leaving or coming to your house. Simply email her a shopping list and give instructions about everything you want done upon your return. She uses KeyBox™ for effective key management. In addition, she maintains the area by performing the following tasks:

• Home Cleaning & Dusting
• Home Redecoration
• Quarterly House Detailing
• Grocery Shopping
• Refrigerator Stocking 
• Laundry Washing, Drying, & Restocking
• Dish Unloading
• Bed Sheet Pressing
• Linen Changing 


Carolyn and her experienced personnel only use your preferred cleaning materials and supplies. She doesn't reuse old cleaning products because she believes that it's unsanitary. She even gets your home ready during Kingsland's notorious summer season.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Expect Carolyn to get the cleaning and housekeeping job done right, on schedule, and within your budget. Just fill out the questionnaire so she'll know your home needs. She even encourages you to book her service on days when you can closely observe her work.  Clients are pleased with her affordable services because she makes their lives worry-free.

Going the Extra Mile

Feel free to advise Carolyn on how often you want her to check your home. Providing first-rate house service, even for discriminating homeowners, she makes sure that every house is spotless and well-maintained. In case any problem occurs, she has connections with skilled people who can readily help her. Carolyn's network of resources includes:

• Handymen
• Plumbers
• Electricians
• Appliance Repairers
• Licensed Irrigation Installers
• Cable Technicians
• Furniture Movers
• Box Packers & Unpackers
• Yard Cleaners

Contact Carolyn in Kingsland, Texas, to know more about her room-to-room residential cleaning
and housekeeping services.